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Language school with the right to take the state exam Metropol | Czech

The language school Metropol sro is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic and has over 10 years of experience.

One of the main areas of the school’s work is the annual intensive preparatory courses in Czech, Russian and English, as well as training in subjects for admission to universities in the Czech Republic.

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Language school with the right to take the state exam in the Czech language Metropol. Czech Republic, Prague).

Metropol is more than just a school!

Teaching in three languages: English, Russian, Czech. Exams.

During the summer we offer specially designed language courses with a twist for children aged 8+.

Exciting language immersion!

In August 2022, we offer you 3 programs to choose from!

Our programs include:

  • transfer from / to the airport;
  • comfortable accommodation in a student hostel;
  • support by the curator 24/7;
  • training from highly qualified teachers;
  • daily activities and excursions.

Our programs:

BIS program with exam NEW!

BIS is the application of digital technologies in everyday life. Acquaintance with the world of IT and the formation of digital intelligence, digital technologies in everyday life. On the program, we figure out how to organize and structure your digital content, how to properly exchange data on the Internet and what mobile technologies to use.

The international ECDL (European Computer Driving License) certification exam is used all over the world to assess knowledge in the field of computer literacy.

Subjects of the British School.

Summer British School in August:

  • English as first.
  • Subjects in English:
    – mathematics,

    – the science,
    – IT.

The program complies with the British National Standards of Education. Materials developed from Pearson Edexcel resources. Need unusual English? Then you, to us! Feel like a British schoolboy!

language programs.

English or Czech in August:

  • 20 ac. hours of Czech/English per week.

An excellent opportunity to combine a holiday in the center of Europe with the study of foreign languages, spend a cool summer, get unforgettable and joyful impressions, and make new friends!

What else can your program consist of:

  • Only we have a 4-day trip to Bohemian Paradise with an English-speaking instructor. Fascinating hiking, river rafting, climbing and descending from a cliff, a fire and much, much more. All our students who have been there were delighted!
  • Excursions to public and private universities in the Czech Republic for those who are thinking about studying in the Czech Republic.
  • Daily activities and excursions:
    Prague Castle, tours of the old streets, Vysehrad, Old Town Square – all the main attractions . Dinner on the ship with a walk along the Vltava. Shopping.

At the webinar we will talk about the details of these programs .

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