Españolé International House Valencia

Españolé International House Valencia is a private language school that belongs to the International House network of independent schools, which has its offices in different cities of the world.

Españolé IH Valencia is a medium-sized school with a friendly atmosphere and qualified staff, where every international student is taken care of. The high quality of service and training programs is confirmed by the accreditation of the Cervantes Institute, the FEDELE Federation and the IALC association , of which the Españolé IH school is a member.

The main goal set by the teachers of the IH Valencia school is the gradual introduction of a foreign student into a Spanish-speaking environment. The curriculum is designed in such a way as to teach him not only grammar, but to teach the student not to be afraid to express his thoughts in Spanish and not to give in to its native speakers.

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Españolé International House Valencia.

Language of instruction: Spanish.

Programs and faculties:

  • Español General – Basic Spanish course
  • Español de negocios – Business Spanish course
  • Español y vela – Spanish under sail
  • Programa para la jovenes – Program for teenagers
  • Programas para las familias – Family programs
  • Formación de profesorado – Teacher Training
  • Combined courses – Spanish in different cities
  • Preparación para el examen – Preparation for exams
– DELE Preparación – Preparation for DELE.
– Preparación al SIELE – International Chamber of Commerce Exam.

The course is specially designed for students wishing to receive higher education at universities in Spain. To do this, you must be accredited by UNEDasiss and successfully pass the PCE (Pruebas de Competencias Específicas) exams. The PCE exam evaluates the applicant’s availability of the necessary skills and knowledge acquired during their studies in high school and allows you to increase the average score in the main subjects of the specialty chosen by the student.

The duration of the course is 20 weeks (January – May) or 30 weeks (October – May).

To enroll in the program, the student must speak Spanish at level B1 and above.

To achieve this level, you can first take any of the Españolé IH Valencia general intensive courses.

Speech by the speaker of Españolé International House Valencia – participant of the online fair – in October 2021 ↓

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