Humboldt Institute

The Humboldt Institute was founded in 1977. One of the leaders in teaching German to adults and children. Offers its services in 15 cities in Germany and Austria.

The main advantage of educational institutions is intensive classes, small classrooms, comfortable accommodation in a residence, a vast school territory and the opportunity to practice various sports.

In schools, a communicative approach is practiced, that is, complete immersion in the language through communication in German both at school and outside it. In the classroom, authentic materials are used – textbooks, dictionaries, magazines in German. In addition, audio and video materials are added thanks to which you can get acquainted with slang and types of accents.

Schools work according to their own methodology and have more than 40 years of experience. In the lessons, students improve grammar, pronunciation, writing skills, and also participate in group discussions, projects and prepare joint presentations. After classes, there are electives and cultural events that help to learn more about the culture and history of Germany.

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Humboldt-Institut, Humboldt Institute

Teaching languages: English, German

Courses for children:
  1. Intensive courses.
  2. Individual courses.
  3. German + school.
  4. Preparatory year for secondary education.
  5. School preparation courses.
Courses for adults:
  1. Intensive German course.
  2. German + university.
  3. Individual courses.
  4. Correspondence education.

Tuition fee: from 310 euros.

Speech by the speaker of the Humboldt-Institut – participant of the online fair – in October 2021 ↓

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