Clubclass English Language School offers quality language courses in one of the best locations in Malta. Clubclass has trained more than 30,000 students since 1999, and this is a guarantee that your English will improve, you will make many new friends and get a new, unforgettable life experience.

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Clubclass, Malta

Language of instruction: English.

Students who study at the summer programs will participate in creative and exciting lessons, develop and improve their fluency of speech, focusing on skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. They will improve their language skills and expand their vocabulary. This is implemented daily through interactive tasks in the form of role-playing games, discussions, project work and mini-presentations.

All lessons in the classroom focus on topics that are interesting, communicative and suitable for the age group.

Accommodation: there is a choice between host families and a residence. All facilities are within walking distance to the school. 

Students will have 3 hours of English classes, 5 days a week, with an average of 12 to 15 students in each class.

There are 4 summer programs to choose from:
  • All inclusive (13-16 years old);
  • Young Learners Day Camp  (8-16 years old);
  • Kids Programme (6-16 years old);
  • Liberty program (17-20 years old).

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